A Heated Yoga Studio

Sadhaka Yoga Room

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At The Sadhaka Yoga Room, 

"We want to Welcome Sadhakas' or "seekers of a spiritual journey in Yoga."  

Our goal is to Calm the mind and body and strengthen the body and the mind  by using   (Pranayama) breath  and powerful Yoga Asanas (Postures) and (Dharana) Concentration, practicing the 8 Limbs of Yoga. 

We use a  Hatha Yoga / Power Vinyasa yoga with yoga music, in a heated room.  Power Yoga we hold the poses for few more breaths to get the openings we need in mind and in the body also to create more internal heat and strength.  Come join Our Yoga class and check out our studio in Fishers, Indiana today.

Hatha Yoga is breath and Asana/Movment.  Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga is (breath-movement/+ And flowing class.   Following Yoga class is meditation. 5 minutes. 

All classes are different flows AND ALL LEVELS. 

(There are always modifications if to difficult.)

Start where you are, you will progress just keep practicing.

It is best to do Yoga on an empty stomach or a small snack.  It's good to be hydrated before you come though you may not sweat (depends on how hard you work.) but it's always good to keep the muscles and the body hydrated. 

At Sadhaka Yoga Room we  want to bring the teachings of the 8 Limb path into our Yoga studio in fishers. 


In part of the 8 Limp path we have the "Yamas" and the "Niyamas"  which are ancient teachings that bring us into the right relationships with ourselves, others, and the Spirit of the Universe in Our Yoga Room on and off our yoga mat. 

They are the Ethical and Moral Values we bring into our daily Yoga practice.
They include:

The "Yamas"
Ahimsa-- nonviolence
Satya-- truthfulness
Asteya-- non-stealing
Brahmacarya-- moderation
Aparigraha-- non- hoarding

Sauca--Purity (Cleanliness) the yogi should pride himself with being clean in mind and body. 

(Always shower before and after if possible.) We also have a shower in the  yoga studio if you need.
Santosa-- contentment (being ok /accepting with what you have and who you are!)
Tapas-- zeal, austerity (feeling the fire/internal heat and Love inside of you.)
Svadhyaya-- Self-study (Reading)
Isvara-pranidhana--  A devotion to a higher power.


The light in me humbly honors and bows to the light in you and in every being.


 Sadhaka Yoga Room-  A heated Yoga Studio. 


"Let us live in love, for love's sake.  Let us be in love and share our love In the service of our common destiny.
Let passion emerge from us as love,   In the service of humanity."